A freedb server for RISC OS

I've designed it so as to allow anyone to write clients to fit on top, this way I didn't need to write a CD player. :)

There is a mailing list for discussion of AcornCD use and development, I shall also post announcements about new releases etc. to the list.

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AcornCD requires a fairly recent set of Toolbox modules to run, along with the nested Window manager. You can get hold of these from RISC OS Ltd., on their updates page, the Toolbox update zip.

Additionally, if you want to submit freedb entries (you do, honest...), you'll need Justin Fletcher's GMail, available from his software page.

Recent changes


I've released a 32-bit patch archive on Sourceforge, available on the files page . It includes the !Run and !RunImages for !AcornCD and !CdTester, which are now built 32-bit.

Copy these files over your current applications, and you'll be able to run on a 32-bit capable platform, which includes a 26-bit system with the new shared C library.

I've released AcornCD as "Open Source" on Sourceforge, you can visit the project home page. Downloads are now stored on the Sourceforge site.
09/05/2001 - Release 14:

Specification download is now a zip file, containing a StrongHelp manual for the AcornCD interface, gratefully received from Matthew Somerville. Developer download includes StrongHelp manual also.
Updated specification a bit, adding a little bit of text for the new "hello" and "get id" messages.
16/02/2000 - Release 13:

21/01/2000 - Release 12:
Added some functionality to the client->server interface requested by client developers, namely: Note:
These two new interfaces are shown in the specification, and included in the developer release. There's not much flowery English there, so if you don't "get it" I can prolly help you understand if you email me. :)
03/12/1999 - Release 11:
10/11/1999 - Release 10:
23/08/1999 - Release 9:
30/07/1999 - Release 8:
Older changes


Downloads are available on the Sourceforge file list page, along with release notes. What you'll find there:
Additionally, a nightly tarball of the source is available, for those of you who want the latest and greatest, but have problems using CVS. Logo . Valid HTML 4.01!
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